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Investing and using a SOVELIA PLM brings quality and control.

The aim was to harmonize software used in the two different companies, find cost-effec-tiveness to the business, a reasonable return on investment, as well as to ensure that the system solution adapts to changes in future business.

The objectives were also defined from the emp-loyees’ perspective; the goals were user friend-liness, lightness, versatility and productivity to the processes. This was done to make everyday work easier, from design to customer delivery and after sales activities. As the result of the process, the Sovelia PLM–system was selected with Symetri Oy as the supplier.


PLM brings quality and control

The typical challenges of machinery and equip-ment manufacturers have to do with producti-vity, quality and time of delivery. Product data management may involve a lot of non-profitable work, and for the business to be profitable this has to be eliminated. The project was divided into several parts, the first containing the item and product structure management, and integration with SolidWorks CAD and SAP ERP –systems. This established a solid foundation for product design and com-munication with the production. The next step was to implement support for the sales and the order process.


"The introduction and expansion of Sovelia was done in phases, because the aim was to ensure the functionality of the system and to create a solid base, on which to build more functionality. This also ensured that the business can continue normally during the project and that there will not be unnecessary stops."

Jani Erkkilä, Project Manager at Fortaco.