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Wasim Younis, Simulation Specialist
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Hallströms Verkstäder develops, among other things, customised ventilation equipment. By improving the function of the equipment while at the same time reducing customers’ energy consumption, Symetri has helped Hallströms reduce drops in pressure and optimise flows.

John Jonsson, Head of Design at Hallströms, sees great value in using simulation to offer customers better ventilation products.

“Together with Symetri’s simulation team, we have excellent opportunities to try different concepts. We have gained a completely new understanding of what happens inside our products and can also calculate the total energy reduction for our customers,” John explains.


Improved function

Symetri’s simulation team works daily to help customers use the product knowledge they have and develop their work with virtual prototypes by offering tools for simulation, analysis and stress calculations.

Sven Eriksson, one of Symetri’s simulation experts with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry says: “Hallströms is an excellent example of how simulation can be used to improve the function of a product. With the results, we were able to go into the equipment virtually and see what is happening and thereby also understand the phenomena behind it. With this understanding, it is much easier to take the product development in the right direction.”


Recreating reality

Simulation can recreate reality in a virtual environment, developing a digital prototype in which you can place sensors afterwards and visualise it in a way that everyone can understand. The aim is to easily be able to show, sell and draw conclusions about the final result long before production starts and the final products are ready.

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Wasim Younis, Simulation Specialist
Wasim Younis Simulation Specialist Phone+44 7980 735244