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Our History

Add Symetri to your value chain and let your innovative ideas shape the future.

Under the name Cad-Q we gradually developed from an expert in CAD software to a strategic business partner supporting our clients at every stage of the product or building life cycle. Although still an integral part of our business, today, CAD is just one of the many components we offer. So, to mark our transformation and better reflect the multifaceted nature of our solutions we have now taken a new name.

At Symetri, we will continue to allow innovative companies within the construction, property and industrial sectors to realise and make use of their designs faster, more cost-efficiently and with improved quality. 

Add Symetri to your value chain and let your innovative ideas shape the future.

2016 Symetri Cad-Q Group changes name to Symetri

2016 Jens Kollserud becomes CEO in Symetri Cad-Q Group

2014 Acquisition of Symetri (UK)

2013 Acquisition of Basepoint Oy (Finland)

2013 Acquisition of CAD-Expert Oy (Finland)

2012 Acquisition of Cad-Teknikk (Norway)

2011 Acquisition of CDLight (Denmark)

2011 Acquisition of SOVELIA (Finland)

2011 Acquisition of Geosol (Sweden)

2010 Acquisition of CADi (Finland)

2010 Acquisition of Fæster SCI (Denmark)

2010 Acquisition of Athena BSD (Denmark)

2008 Acquisition of IT Energy (Norway)

2008 Acquisition of Sikroma (Sweden)

2005 Addnode AB buys 100% of Cad-Q

2003 Rolf Kjærnsli becomes CEO in Sweden and Norway

2001 Acquisition of Graphic Interface (Sweden)

2001 Acquisition of Acquisition of Nestor Nord (Norway)

2000 Acquisition of Cadpoint. Cad-Q Norge is founded

1989 Cad-Q is founded in Borlänge, Sweden

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Jens Kollserud, CEO
Jens Kollserud CEO Phone+46 70 875 19 20