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Ouman improved the efficiency of its processes with Sovelia PLM

Ouman Oy is a Finnish group specialising in property automation, energy saving and bespoke HVAC control. A company acquisition in 2013 resulted in many different systems from different suppliers, which quickly led to a need to find a common solution. The choice was Sovelia PLM from Symetri, and today the company’s design and product data are held in one common system.


Business Challenge

  • Ouman was using several information management systems and two ERP systems
  • Information had to be searched for in different places
  • Price calculations were done in Excel
  • It was difficult to ensure compliance with the requirements of the electronics industry standards and certifications



  • With the help of SOVELIA PLM, all the functions and processes could be integrated into one common system
  • Design data are sent to SOVELIA via an automated interface and from there on to the ERP systems via a publishing process
  • An Altium interface was created in SOVELIA that now clearly establishes the product structures
  • All component certifications are managed in SOVELIA



  • All product information is shown in one system
  • The product structure is clear early on in the life cycle, allowing important components to be ordered in good time
  • Shorter lead times
  • SOVELIA PLM saves time and helps the staff focus on their work


”Previously we couldn’t see the complete product structure in any system for the products made in Kuressaare and Kempele. Now all the product information is held in one and the same place throughout the product life cycle”

Tommi Torikka, Head of R&D Project Management and Processes at Ouman


Neil Adcock, Head of Sales
Neil Adcock Head of Sales Phone+44 7980 735 215