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The City of Helsinki

Pioneers introducing BIM

The City of Helsinki

- Pioneers introducing BIM


Business Challenge

  • Change from 2D to 3D and BIM
  • Need to be able to deliver IFC and BIM data


  • Creation of ‘kitchen libraries families’ in Autodesk Revit
  • Methodology
  • Courses


The software itself is worth very little if not accompanied by highly competent consultancy. This is where Symetri plays an important role.

  • Creation of a library of families developed especially for the use of professional kitchen designers.
  • Daily benefits as the job would be impossible without it
  • Close relationship with other users of the library families makes communication easier
  • BIM ensures that all elements fit into the model that the architect or constructing engineer is providing, avoiding collisions physically on site, saving considerable waste and costly time.


”BIM is the future, and as a public service department, we have to be ahead of everyone else in order to be a good role model for the evolution both here and in the rest of the country. A reliable supplier
is someone who will meet you face to face and discuss solutions such as Symetri”

Seppo Kupari, Professional Kitchen Designer, The city of Helsinki

Jyrki Petsalo,
Jyrki Petsalo Phone+358 40 865 6444