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Neil Adcock,
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Vantage Power

Innovative business decisions are supported by unique technology solutions.

By designing an entire hybrid system for buses – covering everything between the fuel tank and the wheels with optimal performance of every component, Vantage Power has created a system that results in higher fuel economy, lower emissions and greater reliability than alternative systems.

Business Challenge

Lack of:

  • Version and revision control of drawings
  • Knowledge about the status of parts
  • Follow up on archives to released drawings
  • Qualifying parts data


  • Introduction of Digital prototyping to streamline product development
  • Simulation with Autodesk CFD and methodology to save time and remove waste
  • Implementation of Vault Professional and Naviate Manufacturing removed confusion in the engineering department
  • Professional support and consultancy from Symetri


  • More time for product development rather than searching for latest revisions of drawings
  • Simulation reduces the need for physical prototypes resulting in less waste and time used
  • 3D Printing helps Vantage Power to bring their ideas to market faster


"We’ve created very innovative energy-management techniques that bind the drivetrain together in as efficient a way as possible. We have an incredible focus on software because we see it as the way these technologies will advance and improve in the future.”

Alex Schey, CEO, Vantage Power

Neil Adcock, Head of Sales
Neil Adcock Head of Sales Phone+44 7980 735 215