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Digital information, visualisation and reality capture data.

In today’s business, the ultimate delivery of an infrastructural project includes all the digital information on the physical environment. The ability to fly things, model them in 3D and turn them around and then use that BIM model for planning, visualisation, simulation and analysis of design alternatives or even asset management now allows a project to be done in shorter time.


Increasing the accuracy of cost estimates for infrastructure projects, integrating reality capture data (point clouds) directly into your design process and producing powerful visual presentations and animations of the design are some of the key areas in which businesses need to succeed in the infrastructural business.



Companies in today’s business have a vital need for a BIM solution that supports local infrastructural standards and formats as well as local processes.


When working with BIM, you can work in the same model as contractors and clients. This has many advantages and secures your business, for instance the possibility of uncovering design problems before construction begins by simulating what-if scenarios and construction site logistics. You can also export data from the model for automated machine control, which leads to a more efficient and accurate construction process.


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Martin Burrows,
Martin Burrows Phone+46 70 482 88 96