Everything you need to know about SketchUp's licensing changes

Same SketchUp you love, a new way to buy

Trimble recently announced a big change to how customers will be able to purchase SketchUp products.

As of 4th November 2020, SketchUp will no longer sell Classic Perpetual Licences and Maintenance & Support renewal plans. SketchUp is transitioning to subscription-based products, which offer customers a range of options including a SketchUp Pro subscription which features one of the most affordable professional modelers on the market. SketchUp is shifting to a cloud delivery model for a few reasons:

  • Customers can always receive regular updates and improvements to SketchUp products
  • Access from multiple devices at any time 
  • Enjoy simplified deployment and management
  • Access to technical support

If you aren’t ready to stop using your Classic Perpetual Licence, you’ll be able to continue using the latest version you own. In addition, if you’d like to update your Classic Perpetual Licence, you can do so until 4th November 2020. However, please be advised that if you purchase an updated Classic Perpetual Licence or renew your Maintenance & Support licence prior to 4th November 2020, you will no longer be able to upgrade and access additional features every year as you have done so in the past.

 We understand that you may have questions, so here are the top three most frequently asked:

  1. Can I continue to use my existing perpetual licences? Yes, you will be able to use the latest version you own for as long as you want.
  2. Can I continue to use and renew my Maintenance and Support plan for my existing perpetual licence? Yes, until 4th November 2020. 
  3. How will I be able to purchase SketchUp products after 4th November 2020 when perpetual licences are no longer available? Via a subscription.

To ease the transition, existing customers holding an eligible perpetual licence can save up to 60% when switching to a SketchUp Pro subscription and gain instant access to new products and features.

Learn more about this transiton by contacting us on 0345 370 1444 or emailing info@symetri.co.uk.


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