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#WorkSmarterWednesdays Webinar | Autodesk's BIM Collaborate & BIM Collaborate Pro: Between the lines for pre-construction

In the next session of our #WorkSmarterWednesdays webinar series, our Construction Consultant Johnathan Ward will demonstrate how Autodesk's BIM Collaborate & BIM Collaborate Pro can be used across the complete project lifecycle from design through to construction.

#WorkSmarterWednesdays Webinar | Autodesk's BIM Collaborate & BIM Collaborate Pro: Between the lines for pre-construction

Autodesk BIM Collaborate, part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, is typically used for the design & pre-construction side of a project, empowering teams to improve the constructability of models, increase the transparency of managing risk, and facilitate more efficient design collaboration & coordination.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, formerly known as BIM 360 Design, includes all the functionality of BIM Collaborate whilst being specifically tailored for design authors who require anytime, anywhere co-authoring access.

In this session of our #WorkSmarterWednesdays webinar series, we'll discuss how these two products can be utilised for construction projects from design through to build.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to Symetri Construction & #WorkSmarterWednesdays
  • Overview of Autodesk BIM Collaborate & BIM Collaborate Pro
  • Demonstration of how these products can be used during the pre-construction & construction phase of a project
  • Q&A

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday 14th July 2021

Time: 12pm - 1pm (GMT)


Darren I'Anson, Construction Strategic Account Consultant (Symetri) 

Darren has over 25 years' experience working within the Autodesk channel and in particular the Construction industry. Passion, energy and drive is at the heart of what he does to deliver true business and customer value. Keeping things simple and easy to understand whilst remaining truly agile is his philosophy.



Johnathan Ward, Construction Consultant (Symetri)

From a background in both the Construction and Manufacturing industries, Johnathan has gained a detailed working knowledge of both the processes and workflow methodologies employed in achieving the optimum operational performance.



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