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GIS and Mapping

Efficient communication with maps

Digital technology creates new opportunities for efficient communication both internally within the organization and externally with citizens and other stakeholders. The need for change is enormous and there is a constant search for more economically and technically efficient ways to provide information.

Increased commitment between municipalities and residents

Web maps and 3D models simplify communication and make it easier to have an opinion on the conditions that apply right here and now. This kind of digital communication is not one way but plays an important role when it comes to collecting thoughts and ideas from colleagues and citizens. It can also be used to report hazards and deficiencies, and it updates the digital information directly from the source. Today's digital information can be communicated quickly and easily and consumed on tablets and mobile phones.

Flexible information management

If you have digital management of geographical data you can analyse and visualise information more efficiently than ever before. Prior to procurement, you can easily calculate areas and then communicate with contractors, both in writing and using web maps.


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Martin Burrows,
Martin Burrows Phone+46 70 482 88 96