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Training Needs Analysis

Measure your employees' design software competencies


Training Needs Analysis is a method of measuring the employees' design software competencies within your company or department.

Symetri has developed this analysis to provide our customers with a better understanding of how effective their users are.  Our findings will be documented and presented in a detailed report, highlighting the current skill level, and a proposed customised training programme to help you understand how a user could become more productive.

We conduct interviews with all employees currently utilising Autodesk Design software and test their knowledge and abilities.
Each employee is then given a tailored training programme to ensure that all employees reach a minimum skill level.  This will also determine anyone who has the potential to become a “Super User” 

The analysis report will also show a Return On Investment (ROI) if all training is completed, giving you a timescale of when you could expect to recoup your initial outlay through large productivity gains.

Please download the sample report, the people in this report are fictitious but will give an indication of the detail you can expect with a Training Needs Analysis.


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