Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal

This course covers the fundamental principles of sheet metal design using Autodesk Inventor.

The course focuses on basic sheet metal concepts and techniques and builds on them to include complex modelling practices for forming sheet metal parts, assemblies, and drawings.

Course content

Sheet metal overview
• Introduction to Sheet Metal
• Sheet Metal Design Methods
• Sheet Metal Rules

The sheet metal environment
• Faces
• Flanges & Contour Flanges
• Hems

Sheet metal operations
• Cutting
• Sheet Metal Punching
• Corner Seams
• Folding, Bending, Creating Holes
• Creating Corner Rounds and Corner Chamfers
• Work Features
• Pattern Features
• Mirror Features
• Lofted Flanges, Rips and Contour Roll Features

Sheet metal design techniques
• Sheet Metal Design Approaches
• Using Skeletal Models
• Using Legacy DXF/DXG Flat layout Geometry
• Using Legacy 3D Geometry
• Complex Sheet Metal Creation Techniques
• Punch Library Setup

Using flat patterns
• Flat Pattern Creation and Cleanup
• DXF/DWG Export

Documenting sheet metal designs
• Creating Sheet Metal Drawings
• Sheet Metal documentation
• Notating Bends and punches
• Cosmetic Centrelines and Bend Order

Upcoming course dates

Mar 19
Newcastle upon Tyne - 1 day
Price £295
Course administrator Craig Snell
Date 19 March 2020 09:30 - 19 March 2020 16:30

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