Customised Autodesk Inventor

This course is designed around your own specific needs. You tell us what you would like to do, and we will design a course around that.

See below a list of modules that are normally taught on these types of course, however, if there is anything else you would like to add then we will where possible accommodate this.

Content that may be covered

• Parameters
• Iparts
• I Assemblies
• I features
• Surfacing Tools
• Copy Object
• Levels of Detail
• Shrinkwrap
• Content Centre Editing & Publishing
• Frame Generator
• Adaptivity
• Positional Representation
• Excel Driven Parts
• Skeletal Modelling & Sketch Blocks
• 3D Sketching
• Bill of Materials
• Style Libraries
• Multi Body Parts
• Plastic Part Design
• Custom User Coordinate System (UCS)
• Project Files
• Contact Sets
• Visual Styles
• Functional Design - Design Accelerators
• Direct Edit
• AnyCAD
• Joints
• Shape Generator
• 3D PDF Export

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