Inventor Nastran - Non Linear Analysis

This course will introduce you to nonlinear and impact analysis within Inventor Nastran. It will cover workflows based on best practices to help you, set up and analyse results with confidence.

The course will go through various examples to illustrate geometrical nonlinearity and material nonlinear behaviour. Drop test will also be covered including the Impact Analysis wizard and Nonlinear transient analysis which also accounts for inertial and damping effects

Course content

  • Nonlinear background overview
    • Geometrical nonlinearity
    • Material nonlinearity
    • Impact
  • Nonlinear User Interface Overview
    • Setup
    • Results Convergence
  • Nonlinear Static Analysis
    • Large Displacements
    • Elastic-Plastic Analysis
  • Nonlinear Transient Response Analysis
    • Time dependant Loading
    • Effects of Inertia and damping
  • Blast (Shock) Analysis
  • Impact Analysis

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