Inventor Structural Design and Analysis – Essentials

This course will introduce you to the Frame Generator and Frame Analysis Environment. The course will go through the user interface and workflows to enable you to create 3D line/sketch models to be used in the Frame Generator assembly environment.

During the course, we will take the frame generated assembly into the frame analysis environment to enable you to analyse the structure. The course is ideal if you are involved in designing structures in your day to day job and would like the ability to design and analyse structures to help you make informed decisions.

Course content

  • Frame Generator Overview
  • Skeletal Part Creation
    • 2D Sketches
    • 3D Sketches
    • Solid and Surface Modelling
  •  Frame Assembly Creation
    • Activating Insert Frame command
    • Exploring Frame Member Selection, Orientation and Placement
    • Beam/Column Calculator
  • Frame Analysis Overview (Beam Elements)
  • Frame Analysis Setup
    • Beam Properties
    • Boundary Conditions
    • Beam Releases (Pin Connections)
    • Rigid Links
  • Frame Analysis Results
    • Beam Diagrams
    • Beam Details
  • Frame Analysis Settings
  • Real-life Design Problems
    • Escalator Support Structure
    • Offshore Container

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