Point Cloud Manipulation

This course is aimed at delegates who are interested in working closely with scanned data, it will show how take the data and register it in Autodesk Recap.

The course will also show you how to manipulate the data and present it using Autodesk Navisworks.

Course content
• Introduction to Autodesk Recap
• Understanding a scanning project
• Starting a new project
• Import scans in Autodesk Recap
• Automatic registration
• Manual registration
• Understanding Targets
• Exporting a Project
• Combining Scan data
• Understand Photo projects
• Work with Photo projects
• Viewing and navigating
• Updating the origin
• Working with real views
• Selecting and Clipping points
• Scan regions
• Importing and exporting scans
• Point clean up tool
• Mesh creation tool
• Understanding mark-up and measure tools
• Collaborating with Navisworks (Inside Recap)
• Inserting point cloud into Inventor and ACAD
• Manipulating point cloud in Inventor and ACAD
• Understanding point cloud tools in Inventor and ACAD
• Viewing point cloud and 3D model inside Navisworks

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