Simulation CFD - Essentials

This course will introduce you to Autodesk CFD and will cover workflows based on best practices to help you, setup and analyse results with confidence.

The course will go through various examples to illustrate the different functionalities and applications including pressure drop analysis, heat transfer and internal/external fluid flow analysis.

Course content

  • CFD User Interface Overview
  • Fluid Volume Creation
    • Internal
    • External
  • Assigning Materials
    • Fluid types
    • Solid materials (for thermal studies)
    • Resistance Materials¬†
  • Defining Inlet and Output Conditions
  • Mesh Sizing
    • Advanced Settings
    • Regions (local mesh refinement)
    • Wall layers
  • Solve
    • Turbulence model
    • Mesh Adaption
    • Wall layers
  • Results processing
    • Plane results
    • Traces
    • Iso-surfaces/volumes
    • Decision Centre

*Industrial Applications and best practices 

    • Valves
    • LEDs
    • Electronic Cooling
    • Human Comfort¬†
    • Ventilations
    • External flow around Buildings
    • Internal airflow in Rooms

* Part of the 2nd day will cover industry applications dependent on delegate background and interest.

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