Civil 3D Visualisation

The Civil 3D Visualisation course brings another dimension to the design team. There is no better way to share design intent with wider stakeholders than through visualisation. In this course, we take you through the steps to prepare and export your Civil 3D model to Autodesk 3ds Max, enabling the creation of high quality visuals utilising the Civil 3D objects. AutoCAD Civil 3D Visualisation course is two courses in one. Day 1 will give the skills to use Civil View for project visualisation. Add days 2 & 3 for more advanced visualisations and animations using 3ds Max.

Course content for Civil 3D Visualisation:

  • Using Civil View – learn project visualisation in only a day
  • Prepare for Civil 3D export to Civil View
  • Use the road markings editor, add colour lines, add street lights, street signs and moving cars
  • Easily manage the speed of your vehicles in your animation
  • Add street furniture, place trees in your model
  • Use the swept object and object placement editors
  • Manage your cameras for ultimate visual control
  • Create, view and manipulate a 3D model of a path for traffic
  • Visualisation outputs
  • Conduct line of sight analysis
  • Work with 3ds Max’s daylight system, editing your sky and environment
  • Understand exposure control
  • Use the 3ds Max Walkthrough Assistant
  • Learn basic material editing and rendering options
  • Use the 3ds Max material editor to create bespoke materials
  • Use content from other applications (SketchUp, AutoCAD)
  • Animate other objects (besides cameras)
  • Control animation behaviour
  • Learn tips and tricks to enhance and speed up renders
  • Save time with batch rendering

Benefits of Civil 3D Training

Produce visualisations alongside design
Visually see the impact design changes have
Become more efficient in your design tasks
Improve your project collaboration and workflow

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training you will be able to link / import an existing civil 3D model and enhance the materials, lights, and cameras to produce a more realistic render and turn your boring road or site project into a real animated scene. The 1-day version of this course will give you these skills using Civil View (formerly Dynamite VSP). The 3-day version of this course will then progress onto more advanced visualisations and animations using 3ds MAX.

After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

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