VRED Essentials Training Agenda

An Autodesk® accredited course with the aim of becoming proficient in “VRED Fundamentals” for real-time and HQI (High Quality Image) renderings to support Design Review and presentation collateral for Design sign-off and product marketing.

Course content

  • Introduction and Navigation
  • Data Preparation and Optimisation - Data Import, Re-grouping, Group-optimisation,
  • Correct Normals, Merge Geometries
  • VRED Scenegraph – Concepts and Structure, User-defined
  • Materials and Material Management – Material Groups, Material Types, Material
  • Assignment, Material Settings, Decals Multi Render Windows
  • Cameras – Basic Setup, Viewpoints
  • Lighting Models in OpenGL and Ray Tracing – HDR, Direct Lights, Area Lights, Object Lights
  • Rendering – OpenGL vs. Ray Tracing, OpenGL setting, Ray Tracing/Antialiasing settings

Upcoming course dates

Nov 12
Aberdeenshire - 2 days
Date 12 November 2019 09:30 - 13 November 2019 16:30

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