Exclusive Community Screening

Naviate Architecture

Transforming the future of the UK Design & Engineering Industry

Join us for an exclusive pre-launch of an exciting solution we are bringing to the UK.

The Naviate platform is essentially a technology eco-system that allows you to spend more time on valuable design work. Fully integrated within Revit, Naviate maximises user productivity and reduces risk of errors with an integrated suite of workflow enhancement tools, educational content and technical support.

Join us to learn how Naviate helps solve problems, how it’s connected with businesses and users to support them spending more time on the work they enjoy, achieve a better work life balance and reduce project pressures. 

We will be combining the sampling of enhanced Naviate workflows with the world’s best ‘MELT’ London chocolate where you will enjoy an around the world tour with MELT London by tasting the world’s best chocolate

The chocolate tasting will include single-origin chocolates from amazing estates in Madagascar, Peru, Papua New Guinea and Melt’s wild bar from the rainforest in the Bolivian Amazon. You’ll learn how to taste chocolate, to enhance its flavour and savour the complexity and different taste notes.

Event Agenda:

  • Welcome & networking
  • MELT London - chocolate introduction
  • Industry challenges & the Naviate eco-system
  • Customer specific challenges & Naviate's agile development
  • MELT London - chocolate tasting round one
  • Insights from our resident expert and how Naviate can help
  • Development cycles & the Naviate community
  • MELT London - chocolate tasting round two
  • Quantifying the challenge
  • Summary & prize draw
  • Networking / Q&A

Event Details:

Date: Friday, 26th March 2021
9:30 am - 12:00 pm

For more information on Naviate Architecture, visit the product webpage.