Remove waste from your processes with Symetri's Lean solutions

Are you looking to create more value, increase productivity and remain competitive in your business?

The solutions we offer in relation to the lifecycle of your company’s products will enable you to connect engineering data to the rest of your company’s value chain, help you enhance the quality of product information and ensure its smooth use in core business processes, and help you offer your customers a greater choice at lower costs.

What can you achieve?

Correct design data available across your company the right time, with any device.

Significant savings in design time design engineers can focus on the actual design work.

Improved quality at lower cost

…by integrating product information accurately with Procurement and Production.

Shorter delivery times automating data sharing across your Supply Chain.

Understanding Service business potential

…by managing the Fleet information.

Support the Field service management

…by ensuring the data accuracy for each delivered unit.

Streamlined sales process improve new customer adoption, driving revenue growth and profitability.

Selling a greater variety of products becomes easy

...using Sales Configurator.

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Dekati Relies on Sovelia Core for a Seamless and Smoother Flow of Information from Design to Production

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They have been a world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative fine particle measurement solutions for 30 years. They provide measurement instruments and complete measurement solutions to various environments and sample conditions. Dekati's instruments and sensors have a global presence, with representatives in nearly 40 countries and a customer base spanning thousands worldwide.

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At Hermann's, Sovelia Core is the core of all data management around the company's products and projects, which enables high-quality deliveries and helps the company meet deadlines even in projects with many continuous changes throughout the project's life cycle.

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Visedo Oy invests in Sovelia Core to ensure the management of data and quality of documentation

With Sovelia Core Visedo secures product information management, quality of documentation and to have a PLM solution ready for the future in a rapidly growing business.

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Sovelia in global use at Valmet corporation

Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of services and technologies for the pulp, paper and energy industries.

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Transtech’s rolling stock on track with comprehensive Symetri offerings

Efficient information management is vital during demanding design work. Transtech uses Autodesk Inventor as its design tool and has adopted Sovelia and Autodesk Vault software for information management.

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ScandiNova invests in Sovelia for continued growth

ScandiNova is a fast-growing company. Its patented solution for pulse generators, which have a key function in X-rays, cancer treatment and particle accelerators, is a product that is in demand on the market.

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Finding black gold on the ocean floor with Sovelia Core

When subsea specialist Qinterra Technologies was looking for a new PLM system, they chose Symetri Sovelia.

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Combined Autodesk Vault - Sovelia Core solution in use at Normet

Normet, the leading supplier of equipment to underground work, is using combined Autodesk Vault, Sovelia Core PLM solution.

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NewIcon accelerates deliveries to its customers through product lifecycle management

With all product information available in one place, it is now easier for NewIcon to manage the lifecycle of equipment from start to finish and the product documentation becomes easily available.

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Sovelia PLM release 22.0

We are proud to announce the Sovelia PLM 22.0 release is now available. The major new functionality is 3D viewer features with close integration to Sovelia PLM browserclient and Sovelia CAD Add-in.

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