Carbon smart design

Targets to build long term, avoid sites requiring deep foundations and select optimal structural options greatly reduces the whole life carbon of a building. Early-stage planning tools can help to understand and get feedback about carbon hotspots related to design and material selections, as well as provide an opportunity to optimise your site planning. 

The further along you are on a project, the options to reduce the impact on carbon footprint decrease, but can still make a difference if designing smartly. For instance optimising building design, focusing on efficient energy use, using low carbon and durable materials and designing for modifiable floorplans or disassembly.

Our offering includes Autodesk and One Click LCA technology complemented by our Building Carbon Optimisation services that can help you throughout the project lifecycle.

Autodesk Spacemaker

Intuitive, collaborative, cloud-based AI software that empowers architects, urban planners and real estate developers to design high-quality site proposals.

One Click LCA Carbon Designer 3D

Optimise carbon before you start drawing and save time on carbon calculations, get early feedback on carbon hotspots, find savings, set your targets and win more projects by optimising life cycle carbon impacts within a few minutes.

One Click LCA

One Click LCA is the world-leading, easy-to-use, and automated life cycle assessment software that helps you calculate and reduce the environmental impacts of your building, infrastructure and renovation projects as well as construction and other products. It also allows manufacturers to generate and publish third-party verified EPDs.


We have the expertise to help companies analyse and make informed decisions.

  • Building Carbon Optimisation

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