Install and manage your CAD configurations efficiently.

Do you find it difficult to deploy and configure CAD products?

At Symetri, we started to develop our own solution to this challenge and the result is our deployment solution – CQi. The solution will take care of the installation, configuration and maintenance of your company’s CAD applications.


Symetri's CQi solution offers a robust and dependable approach to automating the management of CAD environments. Leveraging Symetri's extensive experience in CAD system optimisation, this concept is tailored to match your company's unique requirements and is continually fine-tuned for individual users. CQi effectively addresses the challenges related to CAD software installation and can adapt to evolving demands.

What is CQi?

  • A basis for a common CAD workplace
  • A uniform way to package, configure and maintain CAD software
  • Quality-assured packages and installations
  • Bundled Symetri expertise
  • One package/application operated by one or more configurations
  • Reduced data quantity and number of files compared with standard deployments
  • Turnkey-ready installation including configurations and licence pointers
  • Optimised for distribution within SCCM
  • A better and more cost-effective way of handling hotfixes and service packs
  • Small quality-assured update packages
  • Automatically added to the installation with no extra effort
  • Optional updater function similar to a ‘Windows update’
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  • The foundation of a standardized CAD environment
  • A unified solution for packaging, configuring, maintaining and distributing CAD software
  • Contains thoroughly tested packages and installations
  • Offers Symetri's know-how in a centralized solution
  • A single package or application can be included in one or more configurations
  • CQi's installation packages are significantly smaller in size compared to standard installation packages.
  • Automatic installation packages with configurations
  • Easy and quick interim updates and hotfixes, can be added to the installation without extra effort
  • SCCM/Intune compatible
  • An optional update function similar to the Windows Update function


  • Enables standardised CAD installations to be performed within the company.

  • Makes it possible to install CAD software on workstations located in different locations or in different countries.

  • Supports the use of different CAD software versions in the same project.

  • Supports complex software installations that contain a huge number of different OS- and architecture-specific conditions.

  • Tools for monitoring compliance with license terms, uninstalling and retargeting licenses.
CQi makes installing and updating CAD software significantly easier at our offices around the world. Norsk Hydro's goal is to minimise the interruptions caused by license updates, and this is where CQi plays an important role. In addition, CQi offers high-quality packaging features and plenty of support.
David Strandh
CAD Administrator Global Business Services at Norsk Hydro

When several identical installations are made, it is worth investing in configuring and testing the installation. It brings considerable time savings and will greatly facilitate the work of IT support in the future. The cost savings are also significant.
Martin Quist , CAD Manager at ÅF

Updating our huge software arsenal in just four months was a huge feat! A big thanks goes to CQi for the quick implementation, which enables such smooth packaging.
Per Sandberg , CAD coordinator, SKB

“Symetri CQi solution brought our entire team’s software up to date in one fell swoop. We had envisaged that this would be a long-drawn-out process, involving resource time, going offline for a long period, and seriously disrupting our users. Symetri proved otherwise, managing the team-wide software upgrade seamlessly and all in less than a day.
Andrew Abrams, Principal Mechanical Design Engineer, NIS Limited

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