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What will you get with a Symetri Support agreement?

At Symetri, we understand the importance of your investment in both people and technology. Our dedicated Autodesk Support services are there to help ensure you stay productive and get the best value out of your technology investments.

Covering a wide range of products both from Symetri and our best of breed technology partners to customers in the Product Design and Lifecycle and Buildings and Infrastructure industries, our support agreements provide access to:

  • A dedicated helpdesk via email, phone or support portal
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Technical expertise in local languages (English)
  • Additional services for design and live project problem solving, on-site support, application deployments, configuration and customisation.

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We also offer a range of IT support packages to keep your infrastructure running smoothly with optimum performance and minimum downtime. 

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How to get in touch with our support team?

    1. Log your support request via Symetri Customer Portal.
    2. To raise a support request via email, please contact 
    3. To raise a support request via phone, please contact 0345 370 1400

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Symetri support helps companies and individuals work smarter

“Symetri will always be in my mind whenever a situation arises where we need your help in the future, as I do not have a bad word so say about yourselves. You have all helped me somewhere down the line and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the efforts all of you have gone through to get the issues that had arisen, resolved! And further, then taught me how to fix them in the future. You’ve all been amazing. Keep it up.”
Adam Lester, Systems Manager
“With the support service, you get help fast via telephone or email when you get stuck and can’t solve something yourself. Time is money. For difficult problems, you can order and get a unique technical study conducted that provides specific simulation guidelines. This is extremely valuable as you then know that you are simulating your products in the optimal way. Symetri is fantastic in its resoluteness to always want to solve a problem.”
Johan Gyllenberg, Ekovent AB
“On a scale of 1-10, I give Symetri Support a strong 11. I always get help when I need it, and the support I get means that I can make the most of the products we use and at the same time save time in my work. I definitely recommend other companies that don’t have Symetri Support today to use it!”
Håkan Bälter, Scanmast AB

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