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We know that many companies in the fields of architecture, structural engineering, construction and infrastructure face major challenges. We also know how to best solve these and how to support small and medium-sized companies to multinational corporations in their daily development. That’s because effective solutions involve far more than just selecting and installing the software. Within our BIM consulting service, we specialise in implementing solutions with the capacity to meet the current and future business objectives of your company. And we’ll do it on time and within budget.

Symetri's range of BIM consultancy services help organisations comply with ISO 19650 and BIM requirements.

Our BIM Consultancy services include:

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Insights From Autodesk University & Beyond

28 November 2023

Join our free online event to hear about the key takeaways from Autodesk University (AU) and more the 28th, 29th & 30th November. Uncover the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Don't miss out – reserve your spot!

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Revit Visualisation with Twinmotion

This two-day course is your opportunity to learn how to set up Revit to export and synchronise with Twinmotion (now free with Revit 2023). You will learn how to install and set up Twinmotion to work alongside Revit, take advantage of Twinmotion's vis ...

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Revit Architecture for Senior Managers

This one-day introduction to Revit is your opportunity to develop a hands-on understanding of a new way of creating architectural models. Revit will change the way you approach and schedule a design project. It will also change the kind of conversati ...

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