Autodesk New Buying Process Announced

Autodesk New Buying Process Announced

Autodesk has announced that it is shifting to a new buying process to streamline and improve the buying experience for your Autodesk subscriptions. These changes will take place on 16th September, 2024 for customers in the UK and Europe.

Our team will continue to advise and guide on the best-fit solutions for your needs. This change from Autodesk is to simplify the buying process, but you need to take some important action to initiate this change. We've created some resources for you to explore with outlined steps you need to take. 

Visit our resource page where you can watch our overview video of the changes, access FAQs to get answers to the most common inquiries, and watch our webinar on-demand. 

Gain peace of mind and feel prepared with Symetri by your side. 


Sovelia PLM is now Sovelia Core

23 May 2024

We are excited to announce that our Sovelia PLM solution is now called Sovelia Core. The product itself remains the same, and all the functionality is available as before; only the name is changing.

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