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VISUALISATION: The Future Looks Like This

When anything is visualised, it is instantly easier to understand. When 3D models look like the real thing, the product or structure, or even building they represent, comes to life.

With visualisation, engagement—with customers, clients and staff—is more rapidly secured. People understand more. Questions are more easily answered.

It reduces misinterpretation between diverse project participants and owners. People understand more. Questions are more easily answered. Progress is made more quickly. Costs are reduced.

The benefits of Visualisation

Simpler collaboration:

Making a valuable contribution to development should not depend on knowing how to use software; visualisation stimulates discussion and participation.

Instant empathy:

Stakeholders understand more when they see more. Decisions are easier. Progress is faster.

Lower costs:

For any product development project; virtual evaluations are more readily available to a wider audience.

Smarter prototyping:

Eliminate the costs of prototyping, and the associated costs of transporting protypes around the world.

Faster time-to-market:

Organisations can spin-up online product ranges in fractions of the time necessary to produce actual physical examples.

Safer training:

Staff training through virtual scenarios makes it safer, faster, and more cost-effective to demonstrate what they have to do, when, and how.

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Gain feedback faster | Make modifications sooner

In any sector, the value of visualisation is elevating communication between stakeholders to facilitate higher levels of understanding where product design and development reviews are more easily digested.

Visualisation makes collaboration more inclusive, earlier in the development process. It enables customers and teams to see where the vision is going—what the outcomes will look like—viewing the final stage at an otherwise interim step which would require more clarification, more explanation, and more communication.

We have put together a number of resources to provide an understanding of how visualisation can be beneficial to your business.
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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) 3D models are great but the virtually real experience is better. Accelerate decision making. Explore our Content
Manufacturing Refine product designs long before physical prototyping. Optimise your design process. Explore our Content
Automotive and high-end consumer products Connecting teams and technologies with a tailored visualisation strategy. Increase engagement between all stakeholders. Explore our Content


As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) behaviours of businesses become increasingly scrutinised and regulated, the need to take actions to reduce carbon footprints affects every organisation, regardless of sector or size.

Visualisation enables you to reduce, or eliminate, many previous requirements for travel, transportation of prototypes, and unnecessary physical production. While demonstrating your creative output, it also demonstrates sustainability awareness.

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Moving from 2D to 3D to new realities

Choose from a number of solutions to bring your design alive which offers flexibility to ensure that the technology aligns both to your objectives and your industry. To show a complex machine component requires a different approach from showing the vision for an apartment building, or a luxury car.

Traditional formats like images and animation remain important to communication, but visualisation need not be restricted to 2D output.  With more accessible routes into Extended Reality, designers have the option of reviewing data in an immersive environment more easily than ever before.

The four core terms to consider are:

  • Extended Reality | XR
    XR brings virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality (AR), haptics, holograms, and immersive tools and diverse worlds that use and enhance our natural senses.

  • Virtual Reality | VR
    VR delivers immersive, computer-generated interactive environments. People can move within and around the environment, feeling that they are there.

  • Mixed Reality | MR
    MR merges the real world and the virtual; creating environments that do not yet exist. Physical and digital objects interact in real time.

  • Augmented Reality | AR
    AR enhances the real world with computer-generated, perceptual information, which provides users with digital information overlayed on top of the real world.

Symetri Visualisation Services

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Symetri’s experienced visualisation team can create the content you require based on specific requirements. We also offer Innovation Workshops where you can gain insight into how your industry is using visualisation and what tools and technologies are best suited for your project.

To help you gain the essential skills to fully harness the benefits of visualisation we provide training courses on a standard or bespoke basis.


From traditional computer-generated imagery and animation to stunning realtime scenes for design visualisation, Symetri can support you with the creation of engaging high-end visualisations and interactive 3D environments.


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