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The key components needed for a robust visualisation strategy.

The key components needed for a robust visualisation strategy

If your goal is to accelerate progress and reduce costs across numerous activities involved in bringing a product to market, Symetri can help you achieve it.

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As an Autodesk Learning Partner, Symetri delivers quality learning experiences to students, educators and industry professionals. We also offer a range of courses for software vendors, our own technologies and across all visualisation disciples (Statics, Animation, Realtime and XR).

We ensure that training is delivered to meet the needs of your business, so you can choose between classroom* or virtual training, or a combination of both. You can also choose tailored training; where the course/s will be designed specifically around your goals and objectives.

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*We offer classroom training in Aberdeen, Cambridge, Cuffley, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Wakefield and Newcastle.


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Courses are designed to help you become proficient in VRED capabilities, from the essentials to advanced, ranging from images, configurators, through to high end light analysis and automotive sign off.

3ds Max

Explores the creation of 3D objects and how to bring in objects from other software such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, and Inventor. You will also learn how to prepare the scenes for renderings by adding materials, lights, and cameras.


You will learn how to install and set up Twinmotion to work alongside Revit, take advantage of Twinmotion's visual tools, and use real-time rendering to create images, videos and presentations.


Automotive and Industrial designers use Autodesk Alias for concept modelling, visualisation, Class-A surface modelling and analysis. Symetri provides training in any aspect of Alias where you want to gain new skills, or add to those you already have.


If you need support creating content for any of the Visualisation disciplines as previously mentioned, Symetri can support you independently or alongside your team to produce visualisation assets that meet your requirements. Symetri’s inhouse team and trusted partner network offer the following benefits:

  • Content can be delivered fast and within a precise timescale and budget
  • Learn as you go, alongside our experts
  • Elevate your consumer facing materials with industry standard assets
  • Use for just a one-off project or a long standing partnership
  • Evaluate the visualisation pipelines/process without the large investment

The aim of the innovation review (and innovation partnership) is to understand the department goals with key stakeholders and any existing process bottlenecks. Once the relevant information is gathered, Symetri will generate a detailed understanding that can be used to measure the efficiency of an existing design, visualisation innovation strategy, or form the foundation of a new one.

Each workshop captures the following:

  • Insights into existing processes
  • Hardware and software best suited to achieving your goals
  • Technical partner and specialist recommendations
  • Short- and long-term objectives
  • Key audiences/stakeholders and your desired impact
  • An ongoing skills development strategy will ensure your workforce is fully equipped with the technical skills needed to maximize your return on software investment.

Symetri will provide a recommendation report detailing the best technologies, and the next steps upon completion of the workshop. We can then accompany you through to implementation and offer ongoing support if required.

Trade shows, exhibitions, product launches and in-house design reviews play a critically important role in maximising the understanding of your idea or product.

Increasingly VR is used to facilitate the most impactful events. Symetri understands how critical these events can be and the importance of delivering the best experience. While our aim is to ensure our customers are self-sufficient, we have historically supported these events when required to streamline the process.

This includes any combination of providing:

  • Creating detailed and inspiring VR content and experiences
  • Knowledgeable consultants to support your team at the event on the day
  • Providing the necessary hardware and headsets


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