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An Independent BIM strategy appointed in the early stages of a project can help your project teams assess its long-term business objectives and define how BIM should be used in your projects effectively and efficiently. Our industry consultants can assist your project teams to utilize BIM in innovative ways during the design lifecycle of a built asset in order to reduce cost, increase operational efficiency and improve business outcomes. Creating an accurate 3D model can help achieve these business objectives but is not an objective in its own right. As AECO industry experts in BIM, we work closely with our customers to help break down building design application barriers. We are located across the US with local offices in many states, but we also work in a global arena where we interact with partners and keep up to date with the news and trends in the industry. Our advice is based on your requirements and offers innovative solutions for the future of technology in the AECO industry. 

At Symetri, we offer many levels of BIM professional services. Click below to understand what level may best fit your project needs. 

The benefits of BIM Consulting

Help you work smarter.

Improve your processes.

Growth opportunities.

Understand the intricacies of BIM.

BIM services that help your team work smarter

Symetri’s wide range of Professional Services can help your team understand the intricacies of Building Design Technologies in the industry: How it can improve your team’s process and growth opportunities by injecting innovative solutions and workflows into your business by defining your existing technology maturity level and what the progress should be. We have a long-standing track record of BIM services and execution over the years with many notable clients. We were advocating its principles even before the BIM acronym came into existence. Having seen and solved many technology challenges for all types of customers in the building industry, there is a good chance we can solve your team’s as well. 

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