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Infrastructure projects provide the permanent assets that a society needs for sustaining its economy, promoting growth, and improving lives. The efficient management of Civil Engineering Software assets is driving the need for BIM processes in design and construction. Implementing BIM for infrastructure projects requires smart design technologies, efficient processes and workflows, and collaborative data management.

With the right solutions partner, you will work faster, smarter, be more innovative, and deliver optimised projects that will enhance your reputation. Symetri already deliver technologies, services and support to many clients who need to incorporate these processes into their traditional design workflows, helping them to deliver BIM in Infrastructure.

The value we can add to Infrastructure

Project configuration, planning and mobilisation

Asset data delivery strategy and data management

Technology integration and workflows

Design productivity and efficiency gains

Project reviews and health-checks

Organisational assessments and change management

BIM and standards compliance and best practice

CDE configuration and management

Implementing BIM for Infrastructure

Implementing and using BIM methodologies on an Infrastructure project can be challenging. Multiple design technologies will be deployed on a project, and the efficient sharing of design models and data between these applications will require planning and robust workflows to be in place. The data structures required for gathering and storing information about the components, systems and assets in the project will need to be defined, created and managed, ensuring they are easily updated by the project team. Location information may include co-ordinates with different formats and references, and linear referencing such as chainage and offset. Choosing a technology partner that can guide and support you, from project planning and mobilisation through to handover will be key to your success.

Investing in early design

The National Infrastructure Commission identified that projects where investment was made in early concept design, minimised risk and improved project outcomes on both cost and quality of delivery.

Bringing digital working into the planning and concept design phases will allow you to move seamlessly through to a developed design, with the minimal amount of re-working. The use of 3D design models and digital visualisation with virtual prototypes, ensures that problems are identified early, and will help obtain buy-in from stakeholders.

The integration between design applications of Civil Engineering Software such as Civil 3D, Infraworks, Revit and 3D Studio Max, will provide the platform for building a viable offering in early stage design that can be the showcase for your business.

Collaboration breeds innovation

The best results come from effective collaboration and interdisciplinary working. This will embrace the wider project team, from client organisations and owner/operators, through to the discipline design teams and contractors, and will require partnerships that stretch well into the supply chain.

Stakeholder engagement ensures that values are aligned across the teams, and will foster the development of a joint vision for the project. Adopting appropriate technologies and methodologies will provide the support systems that will eventually help you deliver a truly collaborative environment.

Case Studies

Västerås Stad

Loxia Group is a complete infrastructure partner that offers expertise within the entire chain; design, environment, geotechnics and project management.

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The Helsinki West Metro project has required a lot of BIM of the various structures being built

Planning the second phase of the Helsinki West Metro project has required a lot of BIM of the various structures being built. Solibri Model Checker can integrate designs created on a variety of systems and ensures a uniform scheme.

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BIM in urban planning

In the video, Juha Karppinen from the City of Kuopio tells about the ways of using Building Information Modelling, and the benefits of BIM in urban planning.

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Civil 3D Core Skills

AutoCAD Civil 3D software supports a wide range of survey and civil engineering tasks. It creates intelligent relationships between objects so that design changes update dynamically. So your civil objects - alignments, profiles, terrain models - all ...

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Civil 3D Quick Start

Civil engineers, land planners, surveyors, drafters, and anyone creating supporting documents for site design can benefit from our Civil 3D Quick Start course. This course is for you if you need to conduct a quick assessment on a site's viability wit ...

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Civil 3D Road Design

As the go-to intelligent highway design software, AutoCAD Civil 3D has the tools to ensure your designs are created accurately and efficiently. Exploring and applying the advanced tools that can impact your day-to-day workflows is key to working smar ...

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Civil 3D Roundabout Design

The Civil 3D Roundabout Design course builds on your previous experience of highway design using Civil 3D, focusing on the skills required to design a roundabout manually using an industry-standard methodology. This advanced approach includes the cre ...

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Civil 3D Visualisation

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Map 3D Essentials

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Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

The Civil 3D Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Course will introduce you to the tools for swept path analysis, car park layout and an overview of its roundabout design tool. Having the ability to simulate vehicle paths gives you the ability to make informed ...

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InfraWorks Quick Start

InfraWorks is a planning and design platform that enables engineers to quickly and easily convey preliminary design intent in a real-world, contextual environment, increasing stakeholder buy-in and team decision-making. If you are using AutoCAD, Civi ...

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Civil 3D Working with Survey Data

This module is designed for Land Surveyors who need to download and process survey data inside Autodesk Civil 3D software. It will include downloading processes for common surveying instrument manufacturers, and will discuss feature coding strategies ...

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