AutoCAD for GIS Using Map 3D

In today's design world where information is becoming more important, having the skills to extract, create and manage GIS data is becoming essential. Attending this course will prepare you to start integrating GIS data into your existing workflows. Learning how to use object classification and linking and managing drawing attribute data are just some of the skills you will learn.

Course content for AutoCAD for GIS Using Map 3D

  • Work with geographic information system (GIS) data in AutoCAD
  • Convert data between CAD and GIS
  • Connect to GIS files and databases
  • Use AutoCAD tools to create and edit GIS data
  • Style and analyse GIS information, and create high quality maps in AutoCAD
  • Use drawing clean-up tools and feature classification
  • Understand the underlying data that controls your map objects
  • Import and export to GIS data formats
  • Use Map Explorer
  • Link drawing objects to attributes in external databases
  • Add additional attribute data to create GIS data structures
  • Use data to style and theme AutoCAD entities to produce quality maps
  • Work with large data sets
  • Analyse relationships between land areas, roads, and utilities
  • Create thematic maps from multiple data sources with Display Manager
  • Work with raster data (data stored as a grid along with attribute data)
  • Use CAD editing functionality to manipulate connected GIS data
  • Perform high resolution land planning and analysis

Benefits of Map 3D Essentials Training

Utilise GIS data in a AutoCAD Environment
Become more efficient in your design tasks
Connect to GIS Data
Intelligent data queries

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training you will be able to acquire mapping data from a variety of sources, clean data to suit the needs of your GIS project, create mapping data specific to your project, edit data using advanced map editing techniques, work in an enterprise-wide, multiple map/user environment, produce reports and thematic maps and link database records and multimedia to map objects.

After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

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