Revit Collaboration

In this course you will learn how you and your colleagues can successfully collaborate on a Revit project. Revit has great collaborative capabilities which allows for seamless teamworking possibilities. By participating in this Revit Collaboration course, you will learn how to set up, administer and link, multi-disciplinary models together, in a collaborative "workshared" environment.

Course content in Revit Collaboration:

  • Understand the importance of collaboration to achieve BIM Level 2
  • How to subdivide Revit work across a project team
  • Establish and manage links between Revit models
  • Copy individual items from a linked file
  • Understand the options for linking and importing CAD drawings
  • Control which information you bring into Revit, including views, colours, layers, units
  • Understand best practices for exporting Revit files
  • An overview of Revit’s coordinate system – project & survey coordinates
  • Share the coordinate system between Revit models
  • An overview of the worksharing concept within Revit, worksets and element ownership
  • Set up worksets to subdivide a project for different users
  • Create and work in local files and synchronise changes with a central file
  • Manage element ownership and borrowing requests
  • Set up relationships between two models using the Copy / Monitor function
  • Perform a coordination review to assess changes made to monitored items
  • Understand how team members can share and access design data . . . all without a Revit licence
  • Document management permissions, versions and mark-ups
  • Use BIM 360’s tools to visually understand the model changes made by various stakeholders
  • Get hands-on experience using a shared model in the cloud
  • How to prepare and implement an effective collaboration methodology
  • Finish your course with a personalised collaboration action plan

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Benefits of participating on the Revit Collaboration course

Optimise project coordination
Improve team collaboration and organization
Increase productivity in team-based environments
Minimise the risk of costly mistakes due to poor multidisciplinary collaboration

Expected outcome

After completing this course, you will have gained knowledge of how Revit workshared projects are created, shared, administered and published. You will experience firsthand how to logically subdivide and coordinate multi discipline projects within a team.

After the course you will receive an official Autodesk Certificate.

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Expected outcome

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