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Architecture is about improving the future. Designing uplifting spaces to enhance everyday life, in sustainable buildings, that must retain their function and worth long into the future. This is why looking to the future is a key part of our mission. The construction industry is facing a more complex set of challenges than ever before, and one of the greatest challenges, digitalisation, will enable a host of new opportunities for creating sustainable communities in the long term.

Our goal at Symetri is to partner with Architects to help take advantage of new digital technology, enabling them to concentrate on the creative process of designing enduring and sustainable architecture.

The value we can add to Architecture

Right first-time digital project kick-off

Embracing standards and processes

Design automation

Design production efficiency gains

Design review and integration workflows

Companywide assessments and recommendations

Best practice and futures

Digital risk and opportunity management

BIM solutions now and in the future

Regardless of the size of your company, it is important to secure both technical and human competency to ensure successful BIM adoption.

At Symetri we challenge people to work smarter for a better future and we strongly recommend working with tailored BIM solutions. Symetri’s wide range of BIM solutions and consultancy services can help you understand the intricacies of BIM; how it can improve your processes and provide opportunities for growth

Partner with Symetri to define your existing BIM Maturity Level and work with our industry leading consultants to realise your BIM potential.

Symetri technology is the key to successful Revit

Working in close partnerships with our customers, Symetri have developed technology to maximise your team’s efficiency and leverage the full power of Revit. Naviate is a set of plug-ins for Revit aimed at helping you save time, increase quality and work more efficiently. With our leading-edge technology and expertise at Symetri, let us partner with you to help deliver innovative, enduring designs.

Symetri Consultancy

We’ve been partnering with companies from every aspect of the AECO (architecture, engineering, construction, owner) industry for over 30 years and in that time, we have helped many companies evaluate, implement and adopt the latest digital technology.

Giving informed advice and challenging people to work smarter is the key to driving change in an organisation. Our consultants bring a wealth of experience gained both from industry and working closely with our diverse range of clients.

Giving strategic advice on industry trends and emerging technology, solving workflow issues, creating and implementing company standards and enabling technology adoption through training and support are just a few of the many services we can provide.

Case Studies

PBWC Architects: BIM Level 2 file naming & alignment with the RIBA Plan of Works with Excitech DOCS

Avoiding human error and reducing the tedium, time, and trouble of fundamental document management tasks

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SEH: E-learning and document management help SEH prepare for its BIM accreditation journey

Driving continuous skills improvement, enabling document management consistency conforming to BIM file-naming conventions, and simply getting the job done better, faster, and more confidently

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Latest news

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COVID-19 UPDATE: We can support your business continuity

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting communities and families around the world, this is a difficult time for all of us. At Symetri, our priority remains the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers, and we are committed to supporting you and your business as you adjust to these rapidly changing circumstances.

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Naviate webinars

05 June 2020

Welcome to our webinar series about Naviate. All webinars are free of charge and aim to show you tips and tricks or an overview of one of our Naviate products. All webinars are recorded, so if you can't attend at the webinar live you can still get access later on. We hope you will join us!

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Project and Template Standards in Revit MEP

One of the great things about Revit MEP is that I can incorporate the standards for presentation, mechanical and electrical services, and deliverables into my project template so that every new project I create starts from the same position, saving me time, promoting consistency, and reducing errors in my project.

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Take good care of your emails or risk huge fines

It seems like such a long time ago that we were all wondering how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) would impact our businesses and it’s easy to imagine that the problem has now gone away, but ignore it, and you could be making an expensive mistake.

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Keys, wallet, phone – what have I forgotten?

We all have favourite places where we leave them so that we can easily find them later, it may be on a bedside table, in the kitchen draw, a coat pocket, etc. Wherever it is, we know where to start looking, but what about office equipment and assets, where are they?

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Training courses

Visualisation and Composition for Architects

This course is a workflow course. It is designed for Architectural and Interior Design Professionals who are using Revit in their day to day design processes and want to understand how to move models from Revit, through to render through to completed photo-composites. The course is not designed as a substitute for essential level product training, instead this course teaches the workflows and techniques employed in moving models between each specific application to achieve the required end goal. The course will be based around Revit Architecture for modelling, 3ds Max with V-Ray, for rendering, then final output would be achieved using photo-editing software.

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Training courses

Revit Interior Design Fundamentals

This Revit Interior Design Fundamentals training course will enable delegates to create full 3D interior project models and set them up as working drawings. The training focuses on essential tools you need to create commercial interior design BIM models in Revit.

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