Supporting client growth and onboarding of new BIM technologies

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) is an award-winning architecture firm based in London. Partnering with commercial, residential and educational clients from project conception, AHMM prides itself on unique designs that meet requirements and exceed expectations.


AHMM is a technology-oriented organisation, pushing digital platforms and processes to their limits through development of their own internal add-ons and applications as well as applying BIM to all aspects of design and construction. To ensure BIM becomes organisation “business as usual” their internal Digital Design Group would ensure they have the foundation for continual improvement.


In 2018, Symetri had an opportunity to assist AHMM with the delivery of BIM on two large projects. The buildings were complex and had intensive timelines to maintain. This coincided with AHMM’s plans to expand their existing internal Digital Design Group specialising in BIM and other innovative technologies which was a response to an increased growth of the business at that time and the desire to use latest technologies for a day to day operations.


Symetri began working with the AHMM team on the two BIM projects in 2018. A consultant was provided that had the experience and software background to assist the team. After a successful project delivery, Symetri has been engaged to remain a “safety net” for AHMM during the expansion of the practice internal Digital Design Group by providing expertise where required. This gave AHMM an opportunity to plan and execute their strategy with the reassurance that their projects will be delivered on time and to the highest quality and that the Digital Design Group will receive all required support during their growth. Through a highly integrated and trusted relationship, Symetri and AHMM were able to expand their understanding of specific client needs and expectations via a committed and technology-focused BIM teams.

Over time, Symetri has become an accommodating resource for AHMM by supporting the team with office-wide BIM assistance and just-in-time training. Symetri consultants worked on the model development and management of major London projects, the refurbishment of existing buildings with pointcloud and clash detection for a large residential project based on ISO 19650 standards. Microdesk also provided an ongoing support to the growing Digital Design Group.


Symetri’s ability to “hit the ground running” allowed AHMM to mobilise projects faster without having to sacrifice quality or resources on other projects. By partnering with Symetri AHMM secured their consistent and sustainable growth by building a safety net around their technology and project teams.

Symetri continues to provide a high-level of services to AHMM, allowing them to securely grow and restructure their operations, where necessary, while providing their clients with best quality design. Symetri prides themselves on being a trusted and reliable business partner of AHMM.

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