Alan Wood & Partners' Strategic Partnership with Symetri for ISO 19650 Certification

Alan Wood & Partners'

Alan Wood & Partners is an established engineering consultancy with a rich history spanning several decades. Founded with a commitment to delivering innovative engineering solutions, the company has grown to become a trusted partner for clients seeking excellence in design and engineering. Their team of skilled engineers and experts offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the diverse needs of their clients, including engineering design, structural analysis, and project management.

Their clients range from: construction, civil engineering, industrial, energy, renewable energy, oil and gas, and infrastructure development.


"Symetri instilled in us the confidence that we were in capable hands throughout our ISO 19650 certification journey. For the duration of the entire process, the Symetri team was consistently responsive to our inquiries and offered us the necessary guidance for both this project and the future," Mark Barwood Director at Alan Wood & Partners'.


The Challenge: Adapting to the Shift in the Industry

Alan Wood & Partners found themselves facing a pivotal challenge. They had observed a significant industry shift with a growing demand for ISO 19650 certification. Increasingly, project bids and proposals explicitly required ISO 19650 certification, highlighting its necessity in the field. Additionally, government projects considered organisations with certifications fully backed by UKAS favourably, potentially limiting Alan Wood & Partners' project opportunities.

Recognising the urgency of the situation, Mark Barwood, Director at Alan Wood & Partners, took decisive action by seeking assistance from industry experts.


The Solution: A Strong Partnership with Symetri

Alan Wood & Partners approached several providers to see which organisation they could best work with. After careful consideration, they chose Symetri and LRQA as their partners for this critical project due to their reputation for offering the support and expertise they needed.

The collaboration began with both organisations working together to define Alan Wood & Partners' goals. Symetri conducted a comprehensive gap analysis, reviewing all business processes. This analysis produced a report that identified areas of strength as well as those in need of improvement. Symetri also leveraged their affiliation with LRQA, the certification body, to provide valuable insights and interpretations to Alan Wood & Partners.

Several areas for improvement were identified, and Alan Wood & Partners engaged Symetri to resolve these gaps. This included providing modular training in BIM and Information Management for all 80 employees, spanning various levels of the organisation, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of ISO 19650 standards and management processes. Additionally, Symetri assisted in the development of a suite of BIM and Information Management documentation for use in future projects. Through a strong partnership, Symetri helped Alan Wood & Partners successfully attain their ISO 19650 certification.


The Outcome: Strengthened Competitiveness and Confidence

The ISO 19650 certification journey has equipped Alan Wood & Partners with valuable tools and skills. They now operate more effectively in BIM enabled design and have gained a competitive edge over their peers. When bidding for projects, they have greater confidence and can confirm that they have achieved ISO 19650 certification, enabling them to pre-qualify for projects more easily. With a solid foundation in BIM and Information Management, they are now better prepared to tackle projects of varying size and complexity, enhancing their project delivery processes. Alan Wood & Partners can rest assured, knowing that Symetri is always there to offer guidance and support.


The Future: A Promising Outlook

Alan Wood & Partners' successful certification journey has instilled newfound confidence in their abilities and improved their standing within the industry. They can now present a more compelling narrative when bidding for projects and present themselves in a more favourable light.

Certification with LRQA has opened up significant opportunities in the future, including bidding for larger and more complex projects, potentially securing Framework contracts. Moreover, through annual LRQA surveillance audits, all their offices will maintain high levels of consistency and compliance, further solidifying their commitment to excellence and continued growth.


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