One Click LCA Carbon Designer 3D

One Click LCA Carbon Designer 3D

Optimise carbon before you start drawing.

Save time on carbon calculations, get early feedback on carbon hotspots, find savings, set your targets and win more projects by optimising the life cycle carbon impacts within a few minutes.

With One Click LCA's Carbon Designer 3D, you can estimate embodied carbon with just the building type and size, and optimise, compare and visualise the carbon performance of design alternatives.


Carbon Designer 3D has benefits for:

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Contractors

Visualise the carbon impacts of design options in minutes

Easily generate designs


  • Easily create reference buildings and design options. You just need the building size and type to start.

  • Carbon Designer 3D comes with ready-to-use localised reference building scenarios, structural systems and standard constructions.

  • You can also choose to use your own constructions and create your own scenarios.

  • The design creation process is broken into simple steps to guide you through the process.

Find carbon hotspots


  • Carbon Designer 3D gives you feedback on your project’s carbon hotspots in a minute.

  • It allows you to identify which materials and building parts have the most impact.

  • The 3D model and carbon view help your clients better understand where impacts come from.

  • You can also adjust transparency to better visualise their structures.

  • See the percentage increase or decrease from your baselines at-a-glance.

Drill down for powerful comparative analysis


  • Compare four designs at once. 

  • ‘Drill down’ to compare the impact of different structural systems, assemblies, specific products, and more. 

  • Vary the scope of analysis and choose to exclude or include features such as foundations or finishes from your analysis.

  • Access manufacturer data and your private data in analyses.


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