One Click LCA - Life Cycle Assessment Software

One Click LCA - Life Cycle Assessment Software

Calculate your environmental impacts in minutes.

One Click LCA (Life Cycle Assessment Software)

One Click LCA is the world's leading life cycle assessment software that helps you calculate and reduce the environmental impacts of your building and infrastructure projects, products and portfolio in an easy and automated way. The software combines intuitive functions with the world’s largest construction LCA database for fast and effective automated life-cycle assessments. 

One Click LCA platform is used in over 120 countries and it serves manufacturers, consultants, designers, contractors, and investors to decarbonize the entire construction value chain. The software can be used for buildings, infrastructure, renovations,construction products and materials, as well as portfolios

One Click LCA incorporates a constantly updated, rigorously quality assured database of 130 000+ datasets, of which 2500+ are unique and proprietary data, and all world’s EPD programs.


Building LCA

Get reliable whole building life-cycle assessments, instantly with One Click LCA. Solution helps you to perform Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, design low-carbon and more circular projects, and achieve green building certifications.

With add-on compliance tools such as BREEAM, LEED, HQE, C+E-, or 40+ certifications, the LCA results you have will be tailored to the certification you wish to achieve, including life cycle stages, impact indicators, benchmarking, and more.




One Click LCA's Product LCA and EPD solution provides manufactures with easy solution to produce 3rd party verified EPDs based on international standards.

Choose from global generic data or manufacturer specific, third-party verified EPDs. New EPDS are constantly being added and the platform enables you to request EPDs directly from manufacturers. All data undergoes One Click LCA's verification and qualification process that guarantees consistency and robust assessments.


One Click LCA benefits

Whole building life-cycle assessment

Automate your buildings’ or infrastructure projects’ whole life-cycle assessment.

Sustainable and circular designs

Compare design options. Optimise carbon, cost, circularity throughout the design process.

Certifications and transparency

Complies with EN/ISO standards and 40+ certifications, incl. LEED, BREEAM, and many National Schemes globally.

Product life-cycle assessment

Calculate and optimize your products’ life-cycle impacts.

Environmental product declarations (EPDs)

Produce, verify, publish EPDs much faster, at a lower cost. 

Showcase your sustainability

Benchmark your products’ sustainability with competitors’ in a building context.

Benchmark projects and portfolio

Set targets and benchmark the projects in your portfolio.

Report GHG emissions

Report your corporate GHG emissions across the whole value chain.

Integrations to 15+ solutions

Including Revit, IES, BIM and more.

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