UK Company Specific, Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

The Civil 3D Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Course will introduce you to the tools for swept path analysis, car park layout and an overview of its roundabout design tool. Having the ability to simulate vehicle paths gives you the ability to make informed design decisions about any plans that are impacted by vehicle traffic. Work smarter by learning how to take advantage of Autodesk Vehicle Tracking (AVT), which is included in the Autodesk AEC Collection.

Course content for Autodesk Vehicle Tracking:

  • Get started, understand vehicle tracking settings, use the vehicle library
  • Create and edit vehicles
  • Position, drive and park a vehicle
  • Specify a path as a series of defined manoeuvres
  • Check for impacts above and below the vehicle
  • Control location, heading and articulation angle
  • Adjust path alignment
  • Move, copy, rotate, explode, extend the path
  • Modify the path properties – vehicle, manoeuvres, reports
  • Extract path data and create graphical plots in Excel
  • Create parking areas, parking bay layout tools
  • Add rows, join rows, extend a bay, add a vertex to a row, edit parking areas, parking islands
  • Work with access roads
  • Create simple animations, control animation speed
  • Create advanced animations by adding CAD commands, display text, play sound, use the driver’s eye
  • Use a fly-by camera
  • Export your animation as an AVI file, best practices for best results when creating video files
  • Add roundabouts, use roundabout standards to define the limits of the geometric values
  • Add an approach, splinter island, slip lane, crosswalk, rumble strip or speed strip
  • Using AVT together with Civil 3D for roundabout design

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