BIM Education and Training Guide

Empower your people with the right BIM training and education

BIM Education and Training Guide

Everybody engaged in the delivery of a construction project, across the complete project life cycle, is now starting to appreciate the increasing importance of BIM and its value improving supply chain collaboration and process efficiency. Having the right BIM processes in place is increasingly being requested by clients and suppliers.

Whether you are looking to start your journey, expand learning or education to your wider team, or focus learning on the latest standards, we have several courses and services to help you move forward.

Daryn Fitz, Principal Consultant at Symetri, has put together this supplement which contains a selection of articles, blogs, and adverts, which:

  • Presents a variety of BIM courses available to you, empowering you to select the right elements for you and your team
  • Introduces our new modular approach to learning to fit your needs, time available and budget
  • Shows how we have adapted our courses to our changing environment and customer needs
  • Reveals that we can support your office in the UK and teams around the world
  • Introduces our experienced Consultants imparting their knowledge to you, and why they are best placed to do so


Download the supplement below:

Download the supplement here.


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