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How Data Management Solves Business Issues

Data Management can mean different things to different people and their businesses. For the purposes of this document, we are defining Data Management as a strategy in terms of managing your product-related data and information and sharing this across all engineering processes. Working closely with our clients, we can generally break this down as encompassing three aspects: Data, People and Process.

Data is all about managing the files and metadata that make up the source code for your product. People is about the challenges within your culture, be it engineering and non-engineering staff. Process is about the challenges around maintaining standard procedures throughout development and making sure design intent is not lost along the way.

Design data management challenges cost businesses time and money, alongside limiting the amount of time engineers and designers can focus on innovation. The most common challenge is wasted time and effort especially when team members are duplicating information or searching for data that should be readily available. In fact, our clients have reported wasting an average of 25% of their technical resources on non-productive Data Management tasks. This equates to over one workday a week of non-value-added time, with some companies reporting even higher levels before working with Symetri to improve their efficiencies

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An insight Report | The Immersive Skills Storm

11 October 2021

Forecasts show immersive technologies have the potential to enhance millions of jobs and boost the global economy by $1.5 trillion But the economic promise of these technologies is under threat as employers face a global shortage of skilled talent who can develop, apply and realise their potential. This research is for policymakers, educational institutions, employers, and training organisations. It highlights the urgency for investment and action on immersive skills development across Europe and the Middle East. If immersive skills development isn’t prioritised, it will hold back progress with negative consequences for businesses, jobs, and competitiveness.

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