The role of technology in the hybrid office

Symetri’s hybrid office guide to the smart ways we all work now, and the smarter ways we’ll work next

The role of technology in the hybrid office

The purpose of this white paper is to itemise the principal routes for developing a robust strategy for implementing the new way of working. The requirement for greater flexibility, and agility is rapidly settling on the commercial world as an expectation for the many rather than an aspiration for the few.

The paper identifies the technologies to consider and the benefits they will bring not just in terms of workflows, efficiencies, and productivity, but also in workforce motivation, wellbeing, sustainability, and cost reductions.

3 main take-outs:

  1. Have a plan
    To maximise the benefits of hybrid productivity that technology can bring to a business, the best starting point is to ‘design out’ from core business processes; avoiding the possibility of having to re-visit and rebuild the foundations later down the line. A roadmap will guide you in the right direction. This is no longer a ‘fix’, it is the future strategy.
  2. The hybrid office is an irresistible force that brings diverse opportunities for increased productivity along with it
    There’s no single solution to adopting the hybrid approach. It is an ecosystem of technologies, methodologies, practices and policies from which any business can select depending on its own priorities and its existing IT architecture. It’s not exclusively about technology or place, but a blend of both centering on people.
  3. Flexible strategies attract the best people, drive the best outcomes
    Digital-savvy staff have as firm a grasp of the digital world as their employers do because it has become the ‘core’ of their everyday life, their connections and interactions with others. They can communicate anywhere at any time. They understand access to global information, knowledge, and instruction. They want flexibility and choice in how they work.

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