Symetri's Annual Survey of training needs

Training in the AEC and manufacturing sector: Are strategies changing?

This report provides a snapshot of our customers’ views on training in the construction sector one year on from our inaugural report in 2019. The purpose of the survey was for us to hear what our customers want; and how they decide what these needs are.

Training in the AEC and manufacturing sector: Are strategies changing?

Symetri is always here to help drive your business forward. Our goal is to keep all our services relevant to your needs. Surveys such as this one, we believe, help us to do just that.

The top three considerations emerging from Symetri's 2020 Training Survey are:

  • The need to stay focused on skills continuity: training investment
  • The new training norm rises to the challenge
  • Learning never stops

Read the full report below:

Download the whitepaper here.


An insight Report | The Immersive Skills Storm

11 October 2021

Forecasts show immersive technologies have the potential to enhance millions of jobs and boost the global economy by $1.5 trillion But the economic promise of these technologies is under threat as employers face a global shortage of skilled talent who can develop, apply and realise their potential. This research is for policymakers, educational institutions, employers, and training organisations. It highlights the urgency for investment and action on immersive skills development across Europe and the Middle East. If immersive skills development isn’t prioritised, it will hold back progress with negative consequences for businesses, jobs, and competitiveness.

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Investing in the right product to be profitable in the new normal

24 December 2020

The construction industry isn’t perfect. There are plenty of challenges that the industry faces…some are more easily rectified than others. In this paper we will talk about how Autodesk BIM 360 is a tool to help solve some of those issues we are facing and how Symetri can ensure you are successful in implementing these solutions.

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