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Model Health Check

As a fan of motorsport, particularly anything with two wheels and an engine, let me start by using an analogy that makes sense to me when I think of where a Model Health Check sits in our range of Building Services Consulting services for project delivery using Revit MEP. Some of Symetri's services provide a more integrated approach to supporting you and the delivery of your project, with Symetri perhaps providing that pit crew to support, advise and maintain your effort for the duration of the race. However, if you are looking for a lighter touch then you could think of a model health check as something more aligned to an interim service that gives you the confidence that you are on track, or that maybe a few areas are in need of attention before you continue on your journey.

This article looks at the Revit MEP Model Health Check and considers how a planned snapshot of your Revit MEP project can put your delivery team in a strong and confident position to continue and move forward.

As the building services industry changes and adapts to keep step with the requirements of Building Information Modelling and the use of Revit MEP, it is becoming increasingly important to be confident of the condition of your project model and the associated data. A model health check can be arranged at any time, can occur multiple times during a project and can be aligned with specific project stages.

Projects can sometimes overrun and miss deadlines due to underestimating the time to complete specific tasks. A model health check will identify potential issues that in turn can help with resourcing and scheduling due to a stronger understanding of the scale of any work required to align your model with project requirements.

Timely checking of areas such as readiness of models for submission to project partners, suitability for clash detection, submission of data, and robust modelling techniques will give you the tools to make informed choices and measured responses to any issues discovered.

To make sure the model health check meets your specific requirements and the results used to best effect we will:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your project model and your requirements
  • Provide an agreed scope of works
  • Report on any issues discovered
  • Identify any skill gaps or other problems preventing resolution of issues
  • Discuss and present options for overcoming such issues

Plan your service and use Symetri's model health check to keep your project running.


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