Inventor 2017 – iLogic – Quickly Show Form in Sub-Component

This is one for those slightly further along on their Inventor iLogic journey.

If you’re building up assemblies or layouts where the sub-components contain iLogic rules and intelligence, and you want to easily access that without having to manually edit each component, here’s the simple solution. Use the iLogic code linked here – when you run the rule it’ll prompt you to select a component in the assembly, and then it’ll bring up the iLogic form for the assembly you’ve selected. Valuable seconds saved!

Note: the below video was created by Excitech prior to becoming Symetri in January 2021, following its acquisition by Addnode Group. All Excitech products, services and solutions mentioned in this recording are available through Symetri.


Part 1 - The hybrid office: A longer term strategy

26 July 2021

Initial transitions to home working in response to pandemic protocols and government requirements, were tactical in nature. They were designed to plug gaps that might have occurred in project/client servicing continuity. Now, businesses are looking beyond the responsive approach to longer term strategies; progressive, pragmatic, and productive.

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