Let's share some data!

It´s all about sharing. We operate in a sharing economy where we share cars, apartments, machines - and data. It´s a collaborative economy and it´s changing industries. And the manufacturing business is no exception.

Let's share some data!

As a manufacturer, you are probably aware of the benefits of data sharing and how the advancement in product information management helps streamline the engineering economy.

Data sharing will allow companies to break new grounds and to innovate faster. However, it has it´s obstacles that have to be overcome; engineering changes that are not properly communicated or documented, designers being interrupted by colleagues who need the data, 'data consumers'.

The key that really will make the difference is how the data
is structured and shared, both internally and externally. 

Access to data can offer valuable insights into everything from product design to production and any other activities that the product undergoes in the supply chain on its way towards the end customer.

Enable for collaboration

New technology is enabling collaboration and sharing across teams and stakeholders wherever you are located in the world. When data is collected and stored in one single data environment it could easily be reviewed, edited and enriched. Further it secures that work is always done on the latest version. 

Working from a shared data environment provides optimal transparency between all parties. This also means sharing the same challenges and opportunities. Whether you are based in Stockholm, London or in Hong Kong, tools are allowing real-time collaboration with always up-to-date data available at anytime and anywhere. The trick is to get associates and partners on the same page to manage where data should come from and how much to share.

The B2B market involves complex processes with multiple decision makers often with intricate value chains that are involved bringing products to end customers. The focus must lie on tapping as many unique sources of information and beliefs as possible. That´s when the real openings for innovation are released and new business opportunities are born.

Applying the sharing economy to manufacturing will help companies to become more competitive;

  • Collaboration and sharing data can make any project run much smoother and maximise the profits by gaining more control.
  • When keeping data up to date and having teams working from common criteria from one source of data platform the whole organisation will not only avoid frustration, it will save time, reduce errors and simplify the communication with different stakeholders.
  • In the very end, data sharing will accelerate the process of connecting design and manufacturing and help to act on customers’ needs. It´s a true key success factor for companies in the years to come.

We have more to share!

SOVELIA Engineering is a simple to implement Data Sharing solution that makes it easy to manage, share and access design data efficiently and securely. Find out more here.