Save time when doing part or assembly drawings

Save time when doing part or assembly drawings

Symetri QuickViews app

Watch the video and see how the Symetri QuickViews app allows users to very quickly add drawing views from any component from all levels of an assembly, instead of the tedious process of browsing for the correct file on the hard drive. 

Video recorded by Craig Snell, Symetri MFG Support & Training Manager

The app is free to download from the Autodesk app store and works alongside Autodesk Inventor.


Infodrainage Overview and Civil 3D Integration

24 May 2022

In this blog, we describe some of the main features of InfoDrainage and its seamless integration with Civil 3D. InfoDrainage is a drainage design software platform that enables the design of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), Green Infrastructure and traditional drainage systems. Both storm and foul networks are supported, permitting 1D and 2D simulations of multiple storms simultaneously.

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