Sovelia PLM: A unique solution making a real difference

How does your company manage product data throughout the product’s lifecycle? Is the right information available at the right time for everyone who needs it?

Sovelia PLM: A unique solution making a real difference

Companies design and manufacture a range of products, and continuously add new products to their portfolio. Some products are made in-house, others purchased from different suppliers, but all products have associated documentation and meet different requirements.

The engineering data they produce is consumed by the rest of the organisation. For example production, purchasing, marketing, sales and after-sales. All consumers of the product data require the information in different formats and in the most up to date version. 


Designers could be spending more than 70% of their time in non-value added tasks and are not therefore able to focus on their own product design and engineering tasks. Sound familiar?

How can you solve the challenge; by ensuring the correct, up to date product information is available to everyone who needs it at the right time? Take a look at the video giving you an overview of the benefits and functionality Sovelia PLM can bring to your company.


Sovelia PLM

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