Transition to Named User Licence Reset Update

Transition to Named User Licence Reset Update

Many of you will have seen my blogs on transitioning from Multi-User to Named User (if not, these can be found in the links below). In those blogs I outlined the various methods available for the resetting of licences for the various year versions of the Autodesk Apps. Whilst these are still valid, methods which have their advantages and disadvantages depending on how your infrastructure is set up there is also a new license reset tool available from Autodesk.

This new tool will allow you to reset all Autodesk individual Applications from 2017-2021 in one hit. The tool does not however reset products installed from the Design Suites media (e.g., Building Design Suite Premium). Please use the link below to download the tool.

Download Autodesk Licensing Support Tool

For this method to work the licence reset tool files need to be distributed/loaded on each client machine. Once loaded a line of code needs to be run from a command window.


  • The Autodesk Desktop Licensing Service needs to be installed and running for this method to work.
  • The support tool only lists and resets individual apps, it will not list or reset Product Design Suites, and only products from 2017 to present.
  • Using the information (-I) switch and the URL access check (-u) switch can be completed from a standard users account, Licence reset (-r) switch must be run from an elevated command window.

1. Extract to the folder C:\Autodesk. You should now have a folder C:\Autodesk\AdskLicensingSupportTool.

2. If you wish to know what licenced products are on the machine (Check NOTES above). Open a Command Prompt and type the following:

C:\Autodesk\AdskLicensingSupportTool\AdskLicensingSupportTool.exe -i

3. You can reset an individual application using its product key from an elevated command window (AutoCAD in the example below).

C:\Autodesk\AdskLicensingSupportTool\AdskLicensingSupportTool.exe -r 001M1:USER

4. You can also reset all licences on a machine (Except Design Suite products)

C:\Autodesk\AdskLicensingSupportTool\AdskLicensingSupportTool.exe -r All:USER

5. You can also use this tool to check to see if any of the licensing URLS are currently unreachable when trying to triage licence issues on a machine. This command confirms all the URLs for the subscription model and will list successful and unsuccessful connections. (Not all these URLs are required for licensing; some are for services and analytics). Dig into the report to see what is preventing the licence from working and check why.

C:\Autodesk\AdskLicensingSupportTool\AdskLicensingSupportTool.exe -u

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