What's New in Autodesk AutoCAD 2025?

In Autodesk AutoCAD 2025, there have been significant improvements that build upon the features discussed in the 2024 release. Our Application Specialist, Geoff Alder, details some of these new features and enhancements in this blog:

Activity Insights

Activity Insights is particularly appreciated. It now logs more activity than when it was first introduced in 2024. Additionally, DWG History is now integrated into Activity Insights. When storage is in the cloud, such as Autodesk Docs or Google Drive, and the project is saved, users can compare the current version with previous versions of the drawing.

A more detailed description of edits, such as the activity properties of Purge, are now visible in insights.


Block Convert

Block Convert is a feature that enhances CAD drafting workflows. AutoCAD identifies and highlights all instances of the same arrangement of geometry, enabling users to convert selected geometry into blocks.


In testing this feature, it appears that productivity will greatly improve, especially when reviewing drawings that have undergone numerous edits and revisions over the years. The ability to convert to block is perfect for consolidating historically cut and pasted geometry into a block, allowing block count etc. to assist in collaboration and data collection from the drawing.

Hatch Improvements

Hatch improvements now allow users to draw hatching without a predefined boundary.


By using the HPPATHWIDTH variable, users can adjust the width of a line that describes the hatch path. Below screenshots shows an example of setting the path to 200 to plot a concrete hatch along the specified path. This feature, allowing hatches to follow a path without being contained within a boundary, has been a long-desired addition, now available in AutoCAD 2025.


For those utilising Geolocation maps, AutoCAD 2025 offers the option to use ESRI maps, such as Esri OpenStreetMap, Esri Imagery, Esri Streets, Esri Light Gray, and Esri Dark Gray.

Markup Import and Markup Assist

Building upon the Markup Import and Markup Assist features, together with the Trace updates discussed in the 2024 blog, users can now apply markup to external references in AutoCAD 2025.

In Markup, Revcloud can be used to insert rectangular or polygonal revision clouds, and adding multiple text markups is now possible.

Diagnostics Tab

A commonly asked question Autodesk trainers and 3D visualisers get asked is related to graphics cards. AutoCAD 2025 introduces a new Diagnostic tab in the Graphics Performance dialogue, designed to assist with common graphics card issues such as slow performance, freezing screens, and crashes.


Overall, the enhancements in AutoCAD 2024 and 2025 version have made the productive workflow much smoother and effective. In geometry, the Block Convert feature stands out for optimising drawings that have evolved over many years and become bloated. The ability to hatch along a line without a defined boundary before we create a hatch pattern adds flexibility and saves time. Many of the features in AutoCAD 2025 continue the trend of improving upon those introduced in AutoCAD 2024. It can be said that AutoCAD 2025 has elevated the efficiency of drafting and collaboration in CAD.

Take a look at the last ten years of evolution in AutoCAD and get up-to-date with all the features and methodologies to enhance your workflow by clicking here.


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