Driving Digital Innovation at Swift - How VR and immersive real-time design review can accelerate the design process

Swift Group

Swift is the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes.

The Swift Group design team are arguably the most innovative and creative in the industry, often paving the way for future designs of leisure vehicles. Swift Group is recognised for its innovative, industry-leading designs and is continually striving towards designing both desirable exteriors and functional interiors. They have the tools required to design the exterior and interior of their products, however, to design a space to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, the design team need to be able to visualise their designs and layouts.

“Our design development follows a full CAD process, and we are therefore able to design with a clear view of ergonomic space claims and accurate dimensions. However, the weakness of the CAD process is the inability to physically experience the space that you have designed at this early design stage.” Chris Milburn, Design Director, Swift Group


Inability to physically experience the space within the design of a caravan, motorhome or holiday home


• Autodesk VRED Pro
• HTC Vive headset
• Custom Workstation
• Autodesk 3ds Max


• Increased confidence in our design decision-making process
• Design decisions can be made before physical prototypes
• Reduction in reworking and time constraints at the latter stages of projects

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